2001 Freelander TD4

2001 Land Rover, Freelander TD4 that my wife liked, even though I was hoping she would choose the Honda CRV down the road. I have nothing against Freelanders and really enjoyed the 2000 2-door convertible I had years ago, but wasn’t sure that we needed the hassles of another Land Rover in the driveway.

In retrospect, and after several years of ownership, this has been one of the most reliable cars we have ever had.

The 2L BMW turbodiesel is better than expected, a bit sluggish at take off but then picks up quickly and has no problems with long or steep hills.

Changed the stock tyres over to Cooper ATR. Great on the road and dirt tracks. Can’t comment on proper off-road as this car is unlikely to ever follow my Rangie to those places.

So I did at least get to put some light guards on it. Much easier to install these than the guards for a P38 Range Rover.


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