Crank Case Breather Replacement





This describes the procedure to replace the Crank Case Breather filter on a 2001 TD4 Freelander, which I believe applies to models up to 2006.

The replacement filter I used was a Britpart LLJ500010.

Remove the acoustic cover, then remove the two bolts (or screws)  holding the plastic front air and return gas assembly. One is hidden behind the front-right (viewed from the driver’s seat) inter-cooler hose, so you should remove the hose first.


Remove the 4x captive T20 captive torx bolts holding the rear cover, and disconnect from the front air assembly. Replace the oil filler cap to prevent dropping bits in. Remove the electric connectors to the injectors, and the 3x T20 Torx bolts holding the electrics plastic rail in place, then move it out of the way.



Disconnect the left three (right three in the photo) fuel lines connectors from the injectors to allow the breather housing to be removed.

Undo the 4x captive T20 torx bolts holding the breather housing in place.




Breather housing removed, showing how clogged up it can be. New bits shown at lower part of photo.




Engine side of the housing. Give it a clean.



Remove the old o-ring and discard (if you have a new one).



Remove the old seals and replace with new ones from the kit.






Reassembled breather bits in place.



All done, put the other bits back on in reverse of this procedure.