In-Tank Fuel Pump Replacement

There are two fuel pumps in the 2001 TD4 Freebie – one in the engine bay and another in the fuel tank. This article describes replacing the one in the tank.

First step is to leave the doors and tailgate open for ventilation, then disconnect the battery for safety.

Fold the rear seats forward and pull back the carpet to expose the access panel. Remove the 6 screws on the access panel to reveal the top of the pump.


Squeeze the clips on each side of the pipes at the pump and remove the pipes out of the way. Be careful of pressure in the lines, so wear gloves and eye protection. Have some rags handy to mop up any spilled fuel.

The curly pipe on the RH side is the line to the engine. Remember this for re-installation.

Disconnect the multiplug.

RAVE reckons you need a special tool to remove the locking ring but I just used a wide-blade screwdriver and tapped the lugs on the ring by hand. It came off easily enough.

IMG_1498Gently ease the fuel pump out of the hole. You will spill some fuel so have plenty of rags handy. I had an oil drain pan nearby to put the pump directly in to.

This photo shows the pump removed.

You may need to reuse the rubber seal shown in the photo.





This photo shows the hole in the tank, and 4/5 tank of fuel. Lucky for me the old pump failed while the car was on level ground.








New pump almost ready for installation.

Relocate the seal from the old pump (see two pics above) and ease the new pump in to the tank.

The plastic lug on the lower LH lip aligns to a slot in the ring so you will get it seated correctly.


The hardest part I found was to get the rubber seal to sit in the tank hole and then apply sufficient pressure to the pump top while trying to screw the retaining ring back on. Took a few attempts and eventually got it to bite, then nipped it up tight with the same wide-blade screwdriver and hand force.

Reconnect the pipes and multi-plug to the pump.

Before securing the access cover, do another mop up of spilled fuel and double check the connections.

Reconnect the battery, then switch on the ignition to the second/pre-start position and listen for the sound of the pump priming.

Switch the ignition on and hopefully the little Freebie kicks in to life. Check the pipe connections on the fuel pump again to ensure there are no leaks.

Once you are satisfied all is good, secure the access cover, replace the carpet and drop the rear seats.

All done!

Hope this helps. Please direct any comments or questions to this thread in the Freelander 1 forum at