Indicator/Cruise Control Stalk Replacement

My Cruise Control was not working at all, and none of the usual remedies (brake sensor) worked… so I purchased a replacement Indicator/CC stalk off eBay for a very reasonable price ($50 AUD).

Here is how I replaced it:

Disconnect the battery (- and +) to disarm the SRS Airbags. Steering wheel should be centred, key removed and locked. Wait a few minutes before touching the steering wheel.

look underneath the steering wheel and note the lugs that hold the bottom shroud on.

Pop the lower closing panel below the steering column using your hands or a screw-driver as shown, on both sides of the steering column

With the lower closing panel rotated down, the underside of the steering column and fuse box is evident.

Undo the single phillips-head screw that holds the steering column shroud in place

Gently lever the lower and upper steering colum shrouds away from each other

with the steering tilt adjustment down, the upper shroud should rotate up and pull away

The lower shroud should pull out easily by pulling towards you and then down.

Showing the steering column with top and bottom shrouds removed.

On the top and bottom of the CC/indicator stalk are press-in clips. Depress them and pull the stalk outwards.

Disconnect the larger wiring plug (for indicators)…

and the smaller wing plug (for cruise).

Here was my problem… the cruise wires have snapped off,

Put the new stalk in and connect the wiring plugs.

Re-installation is pretty much the reverse of the removal. Take care not to force any of the plastic lugs and make sure the Cruise Control wiring has some play underneath the shroud… the stalk gets used a lot as it is also for your indicators… you do use your indicators don’t you? 🙂