Here There Be Toys

Welcome to PaulP38A, a site primarily dedicated to Land Rovers and in particular the P38A Range Rover… and any other toys or hobbies that I feel like putting up here.

There are plenty of great Land Rover sites around the net that I use as a reference.

My favourite Land Rover forums are Australian Land Rover Owners, Forum and LandyZone where you can often find me lurking using the name “PaulP38A”.

With a name like PaulP38A, it doesn’t take too much imagination to figure that my name is Paul and I have a P38A Range Rover or two. My “fleet” also includes 2001 Freelander Td4, a 2005 Holden Crewman “Cross 6” AWD and a couple of Toyota Soarers (aka Lexus SC300/SC400).

I’ve broken this site down in to several sections that I’ll add to as time permits. The menus across the top of the page link to the various vehicles and projects that I’ve been working on.

While I may not be very diligent at updating the narrations and content on this site, I tend to take a lot of pictures of the projects that I’m working on. You can find a lot of pictures of my projects at Gallery

Please browse away. I hope you find something useful here.

Cheers, Paul.