PaulP38A.com is a bit of fun for me and hopefully of some use to other Range Rover owners.

I’ve got this crazy notion that maybe someday I’ll be able to turn my passion/hobby in to something that lets me live in the manner that I am accustomed to (or would like to be). Not just yet, but maybe someday…

Is this a Commercial Venture?

There is no commercial agenda for this site (see Update 1 below) and I won’t ask you for a donation. Maybe one day I’ll consider putting some Google ads on here to help cover costs but that is a low priority.

Update 1: as of February 2010, I am a co-owner of Hard Range Australia so I am declaring interest now. This site is still for my personal projects, and Hard Range is a hobby business that lets me get cheap parts for my own Land Rovers and help out other Land Rover and Range Rover enthusiasts.

Update 2: as of March 2013, I am closing down Hard Range Australia so I am back to being an enthusiast again. It was fun doing the Hard Range thing for 3 years. I met a lot of great people and learned heaps about my cars. However, I also learned that I am better off sticking with my day job to pay the bills, and that a hobby business like Hard Range is too difficult to run in Australia as a 1 or 2 man band if you want to do the right thing in terms of tax and company reporting obligations.


If you decide to join the site (if I open it up for membership) or make a post, I won’t sell your personal information and email address to spammers nor will I use it for any purposes other than in the maintenance of this site.


The opinions expressed by me on these pages are mine alone and do not claim to reflect the views of my employer, clients, acquaintances or anyone else going by the name of PaulP38A. If you are misguided enough to believe that they do, then you are a fool and need to get a life. Don’t read any more on this site, go away and bug someone else.
If you are a reasonable and competent person, you’ll agree that we are all entitled to a point of view and these are mine. Feel free to challenge me though – I love freedom of speech – it makes for some very amusing discussions.
Someone famous once said “I may not agree with your views, but I will defend to the death your right to have them”.
So, if you don’t like what I say:
  • challenge me in a constructive and thought-out discussion;
  • accept it as my view and move on, or;
  • be gone with ye and don’t come back.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making this disclaimer because I’ve got some political or religious barrow to push. I’m just sick of seeing people getting flamed in public life and on the web because they have a different view to some bleeding-heart, tree-hugging, champagne-socialist minority interest group.