LED Lights

Having seen the clean white LED lighting in some cars, the yellow-ish interior lighting in the Rangie seemed a bit dull.

This is a work in progress. Below I have listed the main lighting components with the information I have gathered and what works as a replacement. As I get better and updated information, I will update this page.

Ther is an interesting thread on this topic over at RangeRovers.Net

Sources for LED globes:

Dave’s Intersting Things

Jay Car

Interior Lighting

The table below shows the standard light bulb fittings with an “equivalent” LED replacement. TBA means I have not yet found a suitable replacement.


Standard Bulb

Replacement LED

Front courtesy light 10W festoon
(i.e. cap at each end)
41mm 6-LED
Front map reading lights (2) 5W wedge TBA – the LED wedges I’ve tried are too big for the housing
Rear courtesy lights (1 each side) 5W festoon 31mm or 33mm 4-LED
Rear map reading lights (1 each side) 4W wedge TBA – the LED wedges I’ve tried are too big for the housing
Puddle Lights (1 per door) 3W wedge TBA
Loadspace light 10W BC TBA
Rear footwell light 5W festoon TBA
Glovebox light 5W festoon TBA
Vanity Mirror lights (2) 1.2W festoon TBA – but unlikely to get an LED this small

The photo below shows the front and rear LED lights installed in my 1999 4.0 P38 “pov pack”…


and with no flash


Number Plate Light

Having a rear wheel carrier on my Rangie means that I can’t have the number plate centred in the middle as the wheel carrier partially obstructs it. So initially I moved the number plate down on to the bar with an extra LED lamp to light it. However I found that whenever I went through a mud puddle, the number plate was getting bent out of shape. I have since relocated the number plate back to the lower tailgate and offset it to the left so it is visible from the rear.

The two number plate light bulbs are 5W wedge types as standard fitments. I could centre the number plate on the left-hand light but it was pretty dull so decided that a LED light would be a brighter choice (pun intended). I bought a 12 LED unit from Jay Car which had an approx 5cm wire and adaptor,  allowing the LED plate to sit snugly inside the housing.

The only tricky bit was to remove the clear plastic lens on the housing. This was done using a heat gun to soften the glue and a very small flat-head screwdriver to persuade the lens to come free. After wedging the LED plate in the housing, a small amount of model glue (Airfix or similar) was used to stick the lens back on.

“Number Plate Bulb Failure” message

Sometimes I think Range Rovers are too smart for themselves. It knows if the number plate lights are not drawing enough power and gives a “NUMBER PLATE BULB FAILURE” fault on the Message Display when you switch the lights on or off. To avoid this annoying message, I left the original right-hand light bulb in place and then tape over the lens.

The photo’s below show the LED light in action.

Illuminating the number plate. Note the faint glow of the original/standard light to the right, covered with black duct tape.


How it looks to the car behind… even the bling plate is lit up! AULRO members will note the shameless advertising in the top LH of the photo. The light near the bottom between the recovery points is the previous position of the number plate. It can now serve as a handy light should I ever need to fiddle around with the recovery points in the dark.


Front Sidelights

T10 wedge “Error Free” 13 SMED

in action


Other potential candidates for lighting upgrades


Side Repeater Lights = 5W wedge (orange coloured for 99-on models)

High Mounted Stop Lights (x5) = 5W wedge


Instrument Panel