Lifters and Rockers

I probably should have done these when I did the Engine Refresh Project… when I finished that project I found that there was a fair amount of tappet noise and was faced with the prospect of replacing the lifters (tappets) and camshaft.

I have been putting off replacing the camshaft as I know it is a big job. There is no easy way to replace the camshaft – you either need to disassemble the front of the car (radiator, grille, coolers etc) or raise the engine enough to be able to extract the camshaft. I figured it was a worthwhile exercise to replace the “easy” bits before embarking on the major job of the camshaft.

So… I ordered a few new/replacement parts, including:

  • set of hydraulic lifters (16)
  • set of pushrods (16)
  • set of rockers (8+8)
  • rocker shafts (2)
  • valley gasket

All up, about $700 (Australian) for OEM replacement parts.

As I had recently replaced the following parts, I was able to reuse them:

  • valley gasket end seals
  • injector o-rings
  • upper manifold gasket
  • rocker cover gaskets
  • rocker cover bolts
  • coolant outlet pipe o-ring

Other useful stuff to have on hand:

  • gasket goo –  used Permatex high temp gasket compound
  • a selection of 6 and 12-point sockets (8mm – 15mm)
  • tools to remove cooling fan… it really is worth the $50 to buy the LR tool in my opinion
  • torque wrench
  • cable ties